Ukrainian businesses to look for partners at Tech Industry 2022!

Sixteen Ukrainian companies in the fields of mechanical engineering, metalworking, automation and new tech will join Tech Industry 2022, the industry’s biggest fair in the Baltics, which will take place in Ķīpsala, on 19–21 May! The companies will participate as part of Ukraine’s single national exhibit.

‘Exports of Ukrainian products are a critical factor in rebuilding the nation’s economy, given the military activities caused by Russia’s invasion. We would like to thank the BT 1 international exhibition company for making it possible for Ukraine’s businesses to properly present their products at the Tech Industry 2022 international fair. Ukraine’s products enjoy considerable and well-deserved popularity in Latvia and the EU, and companies from Ukraine participating in the fair will help build up exports and strengthen the trade and economic ties between Ukraine and Latvia,’ Oleksandr Mishchenko, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine in Latvia, pointed out.

Aleksandrs Petrovs, board chairman of ‘Ukrainas Tirdzniecības nams’ (‘Ukraine Trading House’), the coordinator of the Ukrainian national exhibit at the fair, emphasised the importance of the interest and desire to collaborate among businesses in other countries: ‘We invite businesses to come and visit Ukraine’s national exhibit! The country’s companies want to build partnerships, and can supply various materials, including metal and construction materials. We will offer various modes of cooperation with specialist companies, including joint ventures and representative offices,’

The Ukrainian national exhibit at Tech Industry 2022 will represent ARAMIS Laser Systems, which is one of the biggest manufacturers of metal laser cutting machines in Eastern Europe, Escal, Ukraine’s leading company in rust protection, Metalit, an iron casting manufacturer, and VARZ, which makes lorries, trailers, as well as agricultural and specialist machinery.

The fair will also include the Dniprodzerzhynsk Steel Plant, which specialises in metal castings for the automotive industry, and Egritech, one of Ukraine’s leading manufacturers of farming machinery, which also provides engineering services, and develops technologies associated with various welding applications.

The fair’s guests will also get to meet representatives of Dniprovagonmash, the country’s leader in freight railway wagon manufacturing, as well as those of various other engineering and production industries. Triada Welding will also be present, specialising in engineering services and the development of technologies largely associated with welding.

Variant AgroBuild will offer the manufacture of lifts, irrigation systems and trailer-based machinery, while Leader Group International will present its paints, varnishes, and other coating products.

Another interesting item will be Beontop, Ukraine’s leading manufacturer and exporter of electrical equipment whose products also include voltage, current, and power transformers. At the fair, one will also be able to discuss partnerships with Orion Groups, Ukraine’s biggest producer of capacitor equipment, and Hydrosila, Eastern Europe’s leading manufacturer of hydraulic machinery and components.

The Ukrainian company TERA will bring to the fair its humidity and temperature sensors, measurement and control devices, as well as other automation tools used for ventilation and air conditioning, automating heating and gas supply systems, in chemical, mechanical engineering, and agricultural production processes.

Representatives of the Federation of Employers of Ukraine (FEU) will also be present across all three days of the fair. FEU represents some 8.5 thousand Ukrainian companies employing a total of more than 5 million people, and generating about 70% of the country’s GDP.

Memorandum on cooperation
On 6 May, at the International Exhibition Centre in Ķīpsala, Aleksandrs Petrovs, board chairman of ‘Ukrainas Tirdzniecības nams’, and Agris Reihmanis, fair manager at the BT 1 international exhibition company, signed a memorandum on BT 1’s support of Ukrainian companies participating in Tech Industry 2022.
‘Working together with “Ukrainas Tirdzniecības nams”, Ukraine’s embassy in Latvia, and the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia this year, we have made it possible for Ukrainian companies to present their products and services as the country’s single national exhibit at Tech Industry. We hope that these efforts to build trade and economic ties between our two countries will help strengthen our partnership and promote growth,’ Agris Reihmanis said.

Largest metalworking and mechanical engineering fair in the Baltics
On 19–21 May, Kipsala International Exhibition Centre will host Tech Industry 2022, a mechanical engineering, metalworking, automation, electronics, and new tech international trade fair where manufacturers from all over the world will present their latest machinery, tools, and technologies. Tech Industry 2022 will bring together more than 250 companies from over 17 countries. The fair will include Latvia’s single national exhibit, and its innovation exhibit, in which Latvians will present their latest achievements in the field.