Fanex to introduce vacuum pumps and manipulators

In the days of the exhibition, for the attention of visitors we will provide:
vacuum manipulators (lifting/handling mechanisms) and their components made in Germany by euroTECH®, that are well-established among window manufacturers, in wood and metal working, and in other industrial spheres;

  • vacuum pumps of various principles of operation and application from the English manufacturer EDWARDS® (Atlas Copco). EDWARDS® is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of sophisticated vacuum pumps, air pollution abatement solutions and related services. Today, our pumps are an integral part of various “hi-tech” manufacturing processes, such as the application for glass nano-coatings, the production of semiconductors, flat LCD displays, LEDs and solar cells. Every day they are used in an increasingly wide range of industrial processes, including energy, metallurgy, chemistry, pharmaceuticals; used in scientific instruments, and for a wide range of applications for laboratory research and development (R & D).