Zerust Oy offers comprehensive corrosion management solutions

In today’s global marketplace, companies who deal with producing, shipping, storing and assembling metal items may transport their goods into different regions. The metals will undergo humidity and temperature changes and need to be protected.
Opening up a container to discover corrosion on metal items is frustrating. It often means lost time, missed deadlines and unhappy people in your supply chain. The loss or rework of the corroded items plus the impact on business all total up to a significant cost. Corrosion can be complicated and may be caused by a combination of factors during manufacturing, shipping and storage. The good news is there are some simple steps you can take to eliminate common sources of damage to your metal assets right away.

If you have a challenging corrosion prevention need, such as overseas shipping or storage in corrosive environments, Zerust Oy offers you a comprehensive corrosion management solution to meet your needs.

Our Approach:

  • We identify and resolve corrosion causes in processes and supply chains.
  • We eliminate unnecessary packaging and materials handling processes.
  • We design optimal corrosion inhibiting solutions.
  • We provide point-to-point customer service in over 70 countries.

By preserving your metal parts during storage and shipment, Zerust®Excor® VCI-products will help you to reduce the need for inspection, rework, scrapping and excess inventory - saving you and your company significant money and resources.

Zerust Oy carries and produces a wide range of VCI products such as: corrosion inhibiting films, VCI bags, VCI sheeting, kraft papers, emitters/diffusers, powders and rust inhibitor coatings. Customer support services are an integral part of successful corrosion protection. No matter the corrosion problem you are having, we have the solution.

Contact Zerust Oy in Hall 1, Stand no S-8, to design a packaging system ideal for your metal products.

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