ACTY, the system ready to revolutionize the concept of video assistance at Tech Industry 2018

ACTY is a platform designed to evolve traditional video assistance through Augmented Reality. The goal of ACTY is to become an efficient support for all enterprises operating in the field of industry, production, plant engineering, automation, robotics, and for all the companies that find themselves dealing with and providing assistance, support, training, service and troubleshooting far from their headquarters. Before this assistance on industrial machinery could be provided by sending a technician to the field, today this step is no longer necessary. The reason is simple: ACTY allows the remote expert to see through the eyes of the on-field technician and solve the problem, failure or malfunction of a machine in real time, thanks to Augmented Reality.

Drawing and annotating in Augmented Reality exponentially increases the understanding and awareness as all the support takes place in live and the indications made while visualizing a machine, a plant or any object, will attach to the framed machine and will remain fixed to the annotated object. This mode allows an excellent use and exchange of information when, for example, a technician is working with a smartphone, observing the real time indications or drawings, he moves the camera or puts down the smartphone; when he returns to the previous shot with the camera, the drawings that were made reappear in exactly the same point as before, anchored on the real image.

There are many advantages of Acty, the first of which is the possibility of offering instant assistance to your customers. Thanks to Acty you can remotely Interact with the situation through the eyes of the on-field technician, take pictures, record videos of all the assistances carried out that will remain archived and available after the assistance session, share the screen in real-time with manuals, websites, documents, pdfs’, etc., indicate the precise point or part on which the intervention needs to be carried out, monitor the situation, so remote experts have immediate awareness of the problem and can assist the field technician during the process.

With Acty the problem is already solved: those who use it are fully aware of the immediacy of troubleshooting with Acty, those who don’t can discover our solution at Tech Industry 2018. Only by trying it out you can understand its potential and how much Acty can change the company’s customer service, assistance activities, expenses, time consuming, training methods, rapidity of inspections, time and resources dedicated for troubleshooting.

Visit us at the ICONA booth also for a DEMO: Hall 1 – Stand U-9

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