‘’GH Induction group’’ about induction heating in “Tech Industry 2022”

’’GH Induction group’’ is an expert group of companies at induction heating solutions with worldwide coverage offering complete installations and services for a wide range of industrial sectors as tube and pipe, railway, aerospace, renewable energy, cable, automotive, etc.
The induction heating solutions are the most efficient way to heat metals in all industrial processes. It uses for heat treatment processes as hardening, tempering, annealing, normalazing, and for other processes as brazing, weldering, stress relief and straightening. ’’GH Induction Group’’ designs the equipment, the installation and the control systems with the aim of reducing the power consumption, the cost of operation and maintenance, the cost of quality results, the changeover times, and increasing the lifespan of the inductors.

One of our patented technologies we have developed is 3D Inductors. First additive manufactured coil with pure copper in the world based on Electron Beam Melting. As the inductor life is much higher and the inductors are identical, the hardening machine stoppages are reduced, changeovers are simpler and the production planning is more controlled. The heat from this technology is clean, efficient, direct and fast, high precision and controlable.Heat is generated in the workpiece by heating only the area that is needed, so it avoids wasting energy as in the case of indirect heating.

Induction heating can be used in different industries, such as automotive, railway, oil and gas, cable and wire, forging and shipbuilding. ’’GH Group’’ has affiliates in USA, Germany, Spain, France, India, China, Brazil and Mexico and support in other countries through a wide commercial and technical network.

It is a solid, reliable company, with more than 4000 customers and 60 years international know how, innovation, expertise and pioneering in induction technology.
Thanks to the expertise in electronics R&D, engineering and applications, our customers get the flexibility, technical capability and innovation they need in their business.