Finder will present electromechanical relays

Finder has been making electromechanical relays in Europe since 1954, and has the widest range of quality approvals of any relay manufacturer. Finder produces relays, timers and a wide range range of electromechanical and electronic products for industrial, residential and commercial applications. Quality, innovation, continuous research and state-of- the-art manufacturing.
These are the engines driving Finder’s global success. Thanks to an international sales network of 28 subsidiaries and more than 80 exclusive distributors worldwide, Finder exports its products all over the world.

Finder products are suitable for building maintenance and servicing, control panels manufacturing, various equipment manufacturing, lighting projects, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), automation, electronics, railway sector and other areas. Here is an overview of products Finder offers:
• Industrial and PCB relays
• Relay interface modules
• Relays with forcibly guided contacts (safety relays)
• Power solid state relays
• Monitoring relays
• Energy meters
• Surge protection devices (SPD)
• Switch mode power supplies
• Panel thermostats
• Filter fans
• Panel heaters
• Panel LED lights
• Modular and plug-in timers
• Light dependent relays
• Time switches
• Electronic staircase timers
• Dimmers
• Movement detectors
• Electronic step relays
• Mechanical step relays
• Modular contactors and monostable relays
• Smart BLISS thermostats
• Smart YESLY light and devices control system via Bluetooth / Internet
• Room thermostats


Finder was founded in 1954 by Piero Giordanino, who patented the first step relay in 1949. Today Finder produces over 14,500 different types of electromechanical and electronic devices for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, all of them manufactured in our European facilities in Italy, France and Spain. Over the years the company has continued to expand and is now truly global. Finder is proud to be recognized as the relay manufacturer with the highest number of quality approvals.
In Finder each product undergoes two thorough testing cycles before leaving our factories, ensuring the very highest level of quality. This process of continuous improvement is applied to a manufacturing system that produces over 400,000 electromechanical and electronic devices every day. In addition the production process is constantly monitored to ensure the highest product quality and to manage more than 4.000 items in stock on average.