Boplalit seminar “Challenges in machinery guarding”

Learn about:
Reasons for not properly protecting the device.
Challenges faced in ensuring plant safety
A plan to make the installation tolerably safe.

The phrases: "That’s what came from the manufacturer..." or "The customer didn’t say anything, so we didn’t do anything extra..." have inspired us to prepare a seminar where you will learn about the reasons for abandoning machinery and get the tools you need to put together a plan that will bring it to a tolerable level of safety, followed by a Q&A session.

Lecturer: Tomas Jušmanovas

TUV accredited Safety Expert for Industrial Equipment from BOPLALIT.
He has been actively involved in plant safety for 6 years. He has consulted and advised more than 270 companies in the Baltic States on safety issues, including Kauno grūdai, Freda, Eternit Baltic.

Attend a free seminar on 13:00 MAY 20th (Friday) in conference hall 2

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