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28–30 November Riga, Latvia

Waldec – your partner in the manufacturing industry

Leading global brands in metalworking equipment, such as Yamazaki Mazak, Safan Darley, and Timesavers, will be used to demonstrate work processes and innovative solutions that will help companies simplify the assessment of potential future investment projects, increase the capacity of existing equipment, improve workflow processes, and integrate green energy solutions to promote sustainable operations.

The metalworking market is undergoing rapid changes. In a competitive environment, companies that position themselves as innovative, efficient, and focused on precise engineering solutions find it easier to adapt to new conditions. We want to showcase opportunities that allow companies to evaluate potential future investment projects, increase the capacity of their equipment, and improve existing workflow processes.

Waldec is an agent and distributor of global brands in the metal and polymer industry. In the Baltic region, we are known for our extensive knowledge of metalworking equipment, tools, elastomers, rubber and polyurethane. We offer solutions that meet our customers’ manufacturing needs and provide high-quality products and services.